Message from CEO

MEDIOGEN, a biotech company that embraces the world

s the bio industry develops into a convergence industry as it applies to almost all industrial fields, borders amongst existing industries have been collapsed, and it is expected to become a significant core element for future society.

With an adamant conviction that the bio industry is capable of improving the life and well-being of mankind, since its incorporation, MEDIOGEN has been producing raw materials at the 1st factory and 2nd factory in Jecheon through GMP facilities in addition to continuous growth and offers product consultation and supply of finished products to countless clients based on years of experiences from the 3rd factory in Chungju

Central research institute strives to develop health functional products and new drugs through researches not only on probiotics but also on intestinal microorganisms.

MEDIOGEN is determined to further make every effort to become a reliable global biotechnology company both in Korea and worldwide.


Nam-soo Peak